Feb. 5th, 2010

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As of this week's readings, we're over halfway done with all the readings for the course! \0/ It gets a lot lighter, reading wise, from here on out, and I have to admit to being a bit relieved. Maybe now I'll actually manage to do the problem sets before I put up this post...

Anyway, for Lecture 6 we're supposed to read through Chapters Eight and Ten, using part of the Python Tutorial as a reference. I have one question to toss out for discussion. I know the long form came up in lecture last week, but I didn't realize until I did today's readings that you could force Python into the long form. I just thought it was something that Python switched into when the numbers got too long. Why would you want to start your calculations in long form? Wouldn't it be easier to let Python do it on its own?

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Now, I'm still working on PS3 myself, and given that I'm fast approaching the point of garbled language exhaustion, it ain't happening tonight. Any volunteers to put up their code?


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