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All right! Looking at my schedule for the coming weeks, I think I'm going to add a readings and problem set post on Fridays, just to keep them separate from the lectures and to give everyone time to digest and discuss the information before we dive into the next lecture. (This will also give me an extra kick in the rear mid-week to get everything done!)

Thusfar, I've read through chapter 1 and chapter 2 of How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, the variables and strings and input and output sections of Python Programming, and the variables tutorial on Pythonista. They're a bit repetitive, but repetition is good for my brain! If you're a visual learner, do the tutorial on Pythonista first, because there's a really nice series of images there.

Out of the readings, the only thing that gave me pause was the minutes since midnight program in Chapter 2. I'm not sure exactly why... I didn't define hours and minutes when I first ran the example, and then after defining them it seemed a bit useless to write a program that only gave the correct answer at that exact moment. (Anyone watch Alice in Wonderland as a kid? That scene where they're cleaning the attic - "This old clock; it tells the right time twice a day. As for the rest? While, maybe not...") Regardless, I ought to go back to that when I'm not tired and trying to do all the readings in one chunk. Did anyone else have trouble with that one, or with anything else in the readings?

And then, PS0! As [personal profile] smc1225 graciously pointed out, you have to open a new window to write your code and then run it. This link, which she (guessing gender from the list of feeds on your profile, [personal profile] smc1225; my most humble apologies if I'm wrong) found when the November group went through PS0, is massively helpful.

So, who's finished PS0? I can't create polls, apparently, but let's report in on our successes and mistakes before we plunge onward into lecture 2!

Edit: Oh, wow, someone gave me paid time! Thanks, oh anonymous benefactor!

Edit 2: Ok, it appears I'm not allowed to insert polls into pre-paid time posts. But, in the future, there will be fun with polls! :D
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