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...I think we'd be safe making our own rules and setting our own pace. If you've read the comments to the last post, you know where each of the others stands. I've watched and read through the lecture 8 material and finished PS4, but I don't mind back-tracking if that's beneficial to everyone.

So...what say you all? Would you like to back up to an earlier lesson and take it at a more relaxed pace? If so, where would you like to start? From the beginning, or pick up at lecture 2, as everyone seems to have watched the first one? If you'd rather not back up, would you be willing to wait until everyone can catch up?

Re: pacing, how would you like to proceed? The current schedule is based on one lecture per week. We could do one every two weeks, which would work out to approximately one problem set per month. Would that be better?

One last thing: We might be able to help each other better if it's clear what each person hopes to get out of the course and if/where you may need specific help.

To alleviate the shyness factor, I'll begin: I wanted to follow this for three reasons: to pick up Python; to get a feel for the MIT OpenCourseware (because I want to take some others); and to see what sort of topics I might want or need to include—and exclude—from a programming concepts course I'm developing for non-programmers. As for help, I'm okay so far, though I've had to dredge up some math I haven't used in a while.

How 'bout you?

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