Jan. 17th, 2010

Lecture 3

Jan. 17th, 2010 07:05 pm
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Well now, PS1 would have been a lot easier if I had watched this lecture first. I even went and checked the schedule again after I watched it, thinking that I must have misses something and gotten the due date wrong on the problem set. But no, it appears the problem sets are due the day of the lecture, and then the lecture hammers home the info in the problem set. Methinks, since I control when I "go" to lecture, that I'll be watching prior to doing my homework in the future. :D

Anyway, thanks to the very helpful explanations of [personal profile] jetamors and [personal profile] aranthe, I had no trouble understanding this lecture. What about the rest of you?

The video is under the cut, as is a link to the class handout. )

If you haven't had a chance, go and vote in the poll from the PS1 post and have your say about whether and when we do the quizzes. Also, if you're confused, there is a *lot* of information in the comments on the last two posts! Read through that, and feel free to ask if you have more questions. :)


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